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Low risk. High return. Pay per click

Google Ad Campaigns Help your business achieve significantly more sales

Google Ad

Google Shopping

Google Shopping sales are growing year over year, at a higher growth rate that any other eCommerce paid search channel.
Engaged Shoppers / High ROAS / Data Feed Optimization / Cost-per-Click Bidding

Ad Formats: 
Product Listing Ads (PLAs) / Local Inventory Ads TrueView PLA Cards

Search Ad

Search PC & Mobile is the leading search engine in world.
High Quality Traffic / Controlled Cost
Cost-per-Click Bidding /

Facebook Ad consulting

Google Display Network (GDN)

expand your advertising reach across websites and mobile apps.

The Google Display Network allows you to connect with over 2 million websites (including YouTube, Gmail & mobile apps), reaching 90% of people on the internet.

Video Platform

Youtube Video Ad

implement and optimize TrueView video ad campaigns on YouTube.

YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world,
next to

Ready to build a chinese website with matchPages.

At MatchPages, instead of resorting to cookie-cutter strategies, we take our time to learn more about each client’s distinct advertising requirements and goals. We utilize cutting-edge advertising tools, experience, and industry-specific expertise to build an individualized Facebook advertising strategy for each client.
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